Ten Personal Promises for 2018

    ten personal promises

    What a whirlwind ending to 2017 and beginning of 2018! I have been home for a grand total of NINE days since December 22 and even though it has been exhausting at times (mostly in a positive way), I was fortunate to be able to collect my thoughts heading into this new year refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. We were in Seattle for Christmas (we got a WHITE Christmas!!!) and for New Years, Austin for my company holiday party (obsessed with that city) and then Cabo for our friend’s beautiful destination wedding. So. Much. Travel. (I love it!)

    This year, like most of my 27 years, I had started to make a list of resolutions for 2018. I quickly realized that the resolutions I made from last year were definitely thought about but only the really fun ones were executed; random date nights, new restaurants etc.This year I am going to make myself personal promises instead of resolutions. These personal promises are intended to resonate better with me and in turn become a more fun and integrated part of my life. Here we go…

    ONE: Express more gratitude

    This is a big one for me. I always find myself thinking “I should have a better attitude toward that and be more grateful” – I promise to start voicing this as well. I purchased this Moleskine daily desk journal to write down something every day that I am grateful for.

    TWO: Be ok with not being busy all the time.

    Half the time I make plans for every weekend and realize I leave no time to enjoy the simple things in life like waking up on a Sunday morning, drinking coffee and reading a book.

    THREE: Read more.

    I had this as one of my resolutions last year and I read a total of four books…I would like to at least double that this year. If you have trouble picks books, I highly recommend looking into “Book of the Month.” I ended up buying a few of their books last year…most of which I would not have picked up on my own at a bookstore.

    Here is what is already on my list (and yes, it is VERY random)…one/two/three/four/five/six

    What books are on your reading list this year?

    FOUR: Travel.

    Clearly off to a great start on this one…continue going to new places (while still enjoying some of our favorites) but creating new memories! Bay Area bucket list coming soon…

    FIVE: Total Body Self Care.

    Seriously need to start taking care of everything from my head to my feet. I want to start meditating regularly (if you are in San Francisco, you must go to Maiden Lane Studios for their Friday meditation classes or their Calm the Crazy workshops with Lauren!) and really paying attention to what it is my body needs, not what I think would make it look better.

    SIX: Be more confident.

    I have never been an overly confident person and consider myself pretty introverted. I would like to pop out of this shell and be more confident in my everyday life.

    SEVEN: Blog more.

    This means actually posting my backlog of travel photos…no seriously…I owe you photos and guides from Treebones back in September, New York in October etc..I have so many ideas and I need to just start letting them flow! On this topic…what do you guys want to see more of? Let me know!

    EIGHT: Cook/Bake at home.

    I absolutely love love love to cook and bake and I find that we end up going to eat out 2-5 times per week (I mean, San Francisco has no lack of amazing restaurants). I need to trim this back to 1. Save some $$ and then 2. To let myself rediscover how much I love to cook and bake. So by cutting back, I am thinking 1-3 times per week max…

    I have accrued quite the cookbook collection – here are a few of my favorites that I want to start utilizing more often…one/two/three/four/five

    NINE: Become more money savvy.

    Let’s be honest, I have always been terrible at how I spend my money. For some reason, this year I have this crazy urge to actually get my finances in order and to stop spending the unnecessary cash. I want to be able to have someone suggest a random weekend trip to Mexico and feel financially okay with it.

    TEN: Simplify.

    This year one of my biggest promises to myself is to simplify every single aspect of my life. Still coming up with a game plan for this one…

    What are some promises you have made yourself this year?


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