A Weekend in Allyn, WA


Sometimes, all you need to refresh and recharge your body’s battery is a weekend away. This past weekend we had the pleasure of being treated to a weekend in Allyn, WA – just a short hour and a half drive from Seattle – and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The beautiful crystal clear skies, salty Puget Sound water, beach walks, fresh fruit and vegetable picking and endless amounts of food, all made for a wonderful weekend. The gathering as a whole was a dinner club who, every year, make the summer trip out to the cabin. Being so food focused we all had the pleasure of sampling some wonderful new dishes and opened up minds for new recipes to try.




Lunch on Saturday was a spread of smoked salmon on a slider bun with radishes and pickled red onion. To go with the sliders we were treated to a cold cucumber and avocado soup topped with garlic croutons.




Saturday’s dinner was an absolute treat. We had a large array of red and white wines to pair with our feast. Gorgonzola covered figs, bruschetta with avocado and smoked salmon and a platter of pickled beets with feta all helped kick off the beautiful food that we had over the course of the evening. The main course consisted of incredible slabs of white king salmon, which were so moist and perfectly cooked that every bite essentially melted in your mouth. A rice dish with red peppers and a salad of arugula, watermelon, mozzarella, crisped prosciutto and a balsamic vinaigrette were perfect sides to the salmon. A berry pie with ice cream finished off the night’s food courses. On the beach, we watched a bonfire burn while drinking a wonderful Moscato and laughing the night away.




Greeted by a beautiful sunrise and a crisp summer morning, we all sat and drank our tea and coffee out on the patio, watching all of nature wake up around us. Breakfast was a bagel bar and fruit salad. Regular cream cheese, dill and horseradish cream cheese, onions, capers, radishes, a smoked trout spread, lox and turkey made for a great variety to start off our day. None of us were ready to leave the beauty that was Allyn, WA but we all left with full stomachs and a weekend full of memories. Thank you to the van Dam’s for having us all up to their incredible property and for a relaxing yet fun filled weekend!

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