Celebrating Memorial Day


Memorial Day - Flag

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! While we capitalize on this day off, it is important that we all remember the substance behind the holiday. You can see captions on social media reiterating this idea but in truth, we all take it for granted; I know I did. On this day every year, it is our honor and duty to celebrate and remember those who have lost their lives serving this country.

I am proud to say that I have two active members of the military in my family, one of which is my brother who just got home from his first tour in Iraq. I was able to fly home a couple of weeks ago to see him and getting to hear stories from someone who has gone overseas and experienced certain things we can only talk about hypothetically, really makes you reassess life’s priorities. So THANK YOU to all of the men, women, and families who have either lost their lives or have had their family members taken away too soon. It is because of you that we have Memorial Day in the first place.

Memorial Day - Welcome Home

We love you bro – welcome home!!

Flag Photo: Roger Davidson

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