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Easton Jane


There is something beautiful about the whole farm-to-table movement. At Easton Jane, they have taken this idea even further in the form of farm-to-table-to-jewelry. Sally Torres and her husband own a ranch out in North Bend, Washington, where they raise and harvest long horned cattle. The beef, which is incredibly lean and absolutely wonderful can be found on local tables, satisfying anyone who tries it. The skulls and horns are then taken and Sally works her magic. Crafting beautiful handmade items out of the horns, she makes rings, necklaces, earrings and has started dabbling other accessories, such as cuff links and wine stoppers. I have one of her wine stoppers and have purchased a few of her bangles as gifts. Each piece is so beautifully unique and well crafted that anyone who purchases or is gifted one of these works of art will not be disappointed! I had the pleasure of going out to her ranch to see the cattle and photograph some of her pieces and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her newer statement necklaces for fall! You can shop her lovely pieces here!








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