Father’s Day Gift Guide!

This coming weekend, June 19th, is Father’s Day! I put together some of my favorite items which would make great gifts for all the dads out there. Remember, the best gift you can give your dad is time – take him out to a new or favorite restaurant, cook dinner or spend the day exploring your city and showing him how much you appreciate him. For those of us that can’t be with our dads this weekend, I hope this list provides some help if are looking for a gift!  


  1. Ginger Pig Meat Cookbook – £21.95
  2. Pizza oven – $299.95
  3. Gibsons Steakhouse seasoning – $6.00
  4. Lo & Sons bag – 30% off right now – $325 – $227.50
  5. Wine Spectator subscription (both hard copy and digital available) – $49.95
  6. Aged Bourbon Maple Syrup – $19.95
  7. Smoke Cookbook – $26.00
  8. Cocktail recipe shaker – $84.00
  9. Mission Workshop Hydration Pack – $205.00
  10. UE Megaboom – $299.99 (cannot get enough of this speaker)
  11. FitBit Blaze – $199.95
  12. A Great Corkscrew – $12.00
  13. Olympia Provisions Salami of the Month Club – $145

*All images come from the website the items can be purchased on.

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  • Grandma B.
    June 16, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Love your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day tributes, Rachel. So extremely thoughtful. Add all the recipes and gift ideas and the table is set waiting for the festivities to begin. Want to try your Key Lime Tart and purchase the Gibson’s Steakhouse Seasoning for the fellas around here. Lot of love to you!