Monthly Recap: May


May was FULL of family and friends, so once again…my food list is heavy. Looking back at the month when putting together this Monthly Recap: May, made me realize how much we took advantage of the nicer weather both in San Francisco but also in Seattle (it was beautiful!!) We also celebrated our two year anniversary by taking a trip to Mendocino for Memorial Day Weekend and it was absolutely stunning. (I am going to follow this post with a recap of what we did up the coast last weekend!)



Cork Dork & Delicious! – Okay, I totally admit I did not fully read both of these…I started both and I am hooked on both. They are wonderful. Delicious makes me want to spend time living in NY and Cork Dork speaks to every part of my wine geek. Highly recommend both of them! 


Safeco Field

Safeco Field

  • Seattle – I had the opportunity to host my brother here in San Francisco for a night and half of a day when he was on his way up to Seattle! We flew out Saturday night and I got to spend four amazing days in SUNNY Seattle with my family. We saw a Mariner’s game, had family friends over to catch up, went out and ate waaaaaay more than was necessary (the joys of being home), relaxed, explored and basically just had the best time laying low. I have been living in San Francisco for almost TWO years now and every time I have gone back to Seattle, it has been changing at an astounding pace. Sometimes it feels like “playing tourist” in my own hometown is necessary now in order to keep up with the times!
  • Tennessee Valley Trail – My dear friend Kate and I wanted an easy outdoor hike to celebrate the beautiful weather that has recently graced the Bay Area. The Tennessee Trail was not only a very easy “hike” but the end reward was a stunning beach with extremely dark sand, rolling waves and spotty puffs of fog known as the Tennessee Cove. It is really easy to get to from SF – read more about the trail here.
  • Mendocino – Look for this more in depth in my post tomorrow! It was a wonderful foggy weekend and I cannot wait to go back!
tennessee valley trail

Tennessee Valley Cove

Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg


May Food

  • Little Star Pizza – Mission | Pizza – When my brother came to San Francisco (for one night) we picked him up from the airport with two ready-to-eat deep dish pizzas from Little Star. Their cornmeal crust is TO DIE FOR…its also awesome the day after!  Order: The All-Star Pizza**
  • Joey Kitchen – Seattle | New American – Joey Kitchen is one of those places that when you are looking for something quick, delicious and a crowd pleaser you opt for. I end up going here at least once everytime I am home. Formerly on Lake Union, the new(ish) spot in University Village is close to home and now a “neighborhood staple.”  Order: Gyoza, Fish Tacos, Yellow Fin Tuna Salad**
  • Molly Moon’s – Seattle | Ice Cream – Molly Moon’s is a Seattle staple and now that they have their shop in University Village (closer to my parent’s home) it’s very tempting to go more often. Walking by their storefront, you get wafts of warm homemade cones and that usually does me in…must.have.ice cream. Must try in Seattle! Order: (all of them!) Honey Lavender, Stumptown Coffee & Cookie Dough**
  • Daniel’s Broiler – Lake Union – Seattle | Steakhouse – We went to Daniel’s for a little HH and glass of wine before our dinner reservation at The Butcher’s Table. Daniel’s has always held a spot in my heart since my dad used to work for the Schwartz Brothers and actually built Daniel’s. Their classy steakhouse vibe, awesome bites and amazing drinks never ever fail to impress. Their dinners are also top notch. Order (for HH): Crispy Artichoke Hearts, Teriyaki Steak Bites & Crispy Calamari**
  • The Butcher’s Table – Seattle | Steakhouse – On our quest to try a new restaurant everytime we are in Seattle, the new(ish) Butcher’s Table was our selection this time around. In the Westlake are of Seattle (think the heart of Amazon territory) this steakhouse has firmly planted itself as a new and awesome go-to for anyone looking for a steak dinner. With a menu that allows you to choose just about everything in regards to your type of meat you really can’t go wrong. Tip – if you have a larger party and want a large cut of meat, get there early…they run out quickly! Order: Apple Salad, Mac n Cheese, Asparagus, Tomahawk Steak (huge and so worth it!!)*
  • Dick’s Drive-In – Seattle | Burgers  – Seattle staple – think In-n-Out…but better (according to Seattlites). If you are ever in Seattle Dick’s Drive-In is a must stop. Order: Dick’s Deluxe, Fries and a Shake**
  • Piatti – Seattle | Italian  – This is actually a chain restaurant but if you were trying their food you would never know. They seriously pride themselves in authentic Italian and it shows. I took my brother here for lunch before I left Seattle to catch up and per usual the food was amazing. Their bread with dipping sauce is honest to God the best I have ever tasted. I would buy it in jar size if I could.  Order: Grilled Octopus, Bruschetta, Meatballs, Pappardelle, Gnocchi and Affogato**
  • Corridor – Civic Center | New American – Anther one that has been on our list to try that we finally got around to. Located just off of Van Ness in a half cafe half restaurant concept space this restaurant surprised us with how much we liked it. Would for sure come back – just be sure to Uber there…not the easiest to get to! Order: Monkey Bread, Spicy Meatballs, 5 Pea Salad, Tagliatelle Carbonara, Garganelli Bolognese, Roasted Chicken, Brownie Sundae & Fruit Crostata*
  • Wayfare Tavern – FiDi | American – I love this restaurant. This older “traditional” take on American cuisine draws me in over and over again. I first ate at Wayfare my first weekend in San Francisco and from the moment we sat down in the dark wood, leather and white tablecloth restaurant I was hooked. They are known for several things but one of which is their famous popovers…which keep coming to the table. Believe me, you have to have at least one…or two…. Order: Fresh Burrata, Beef Tartare, Burrata Whipped Potatoes (unreal), City Salad, Tavern Burger and FRIED CHICKEN!!!** 
  • Flores – Marina/Cow Hollow | Mexican – This was a new restaurant we had been wanting to try for awhile so when some friends asked if we wanted to do dinner we jumped at the chance. Located on Union, I was excited to see how they were going to transform the space. Every single thing we had was phenomenal and I would absolutely go back.  Order: Spicy Marg, Guacamole, Coctel de Camaron, Ceviche de Pescado, Tostadas de Cangrejo, Enchiladas de Pato, Carnitas & Carne Asada Tacos, Platano Macho & Churros…we ordered a lot…and it was perfect*
  • North Coast Brewing Co.  – Fort Bragg | Brewery – We decided to take a drive a little further north in the Fort Bragg area and stopped here to try some of their brews & lunch. Perfect place to quickly stop through. Their beers were also amazing…and many people who know me know that I am NOT a big beer person. Order: Shrimp Ceviche, Clam Chowder & The Red Seal Ale – SO SO GOOD*
  • Chalkboard – Healdsburg | American/Tapas/Small Plates – This was our second time here but this time we came for lunch. Turns out the lunch and dinner menu are the same  Order (for lunch): They have the same lunch and dinner menu but I would order differently for dinner – any of their plates of pasta – you can also do their pasta tasting to get a sample of each plate! Little gem salad, warm pretzel, tuna tartar, sliders**

*new restaurant, ** old favorite

Flores SF


The Butchers Table Seattle


May Podcasts/Shows

  • The Keepers – Netflix – This new Netflix Original is creepy, maddening and all around messed up but I can’t stop watching!!
  • Airplane Mode – Podcast – I have seriously been having a travel itch lately and this new podcast from the Away Luggage company helps my mind wander to far off places…time to plan a trip.
  • House of Cards – Netflix – Season 5 is finally out!!!!! Started this new season and already love it….have to practice self-control and not binge it all at once.

May Quote


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