Napa & Sonoma Fire Support

Soda Canyon Road Aftermath

Soda Canyon Road

As many people know, the fires that have ripped through Napa and Sonoma over the past week have been devastating. Many people have been asking what they can do for Napa & Sonoma Fire Support and what it is the people that have been through this fire currently need and will need going forward. If you want an “up-to-date” interactive map of what the fires are doing you can see that here. You can also stay in the know about how contained each of the fires is here

These photos of the fire were taken off of Soda Canyon Road on Atlas Peak – where the fire ravaged most of the hillside. You can read an email from one of the residents, Lauren Griffiths with more photos here. (Warning – images do contain animals that have died in the fires) In a follow up email from one of her neighbors, he describes what it was like to have air support show up:

“…the helicopters literally just showed up; the crews up here had no idea how or why they arrived […] but we all didn’t care and were just ecstatic to see them arrive; I have had a smile on my face all afternoon/evening. I have never served in the armed forces, but I can imagine the feelings I had today were akin to a weary soldier on the front lines of a losing battle whose spirits and fortunes are suddenly lifted by the appearance and effectiveness of heavy air power; and I mean HEAVY air power. I took a video at one point and in the span of 2 minutes, there are six different helicopters that cross the screen from the same vantage point.” – Anthony Arger

Napa & Sonoma Fire Support Truck

A lucky home hosts fire trucks on-call up on Atlas Peak


  • Napa Valley Community Foundation – this foundation was started after the earthquake and directly benefits the victims of disasters in the area –
  • Napa & Sonoma County Fire Relief – this gofundme supports the first responders, some of which have lost their homes while fighting these fires –
  • Hall Winery’s Aiding in Wine Country Relief – Kathryn and Craig Hall have pledged to match up to $100,00 raised for the fire victims. The money will benefit the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund – Use link above or if you don’t want to go through Facebook – use this link
  • Airbnb – people on Airbnb are opening their homes FOR FREE to help displaced neighbors and relief workers
  • Gofundme – they have several different outlets where you can donate to either specific families or organizations – you can find their California Fire Relief homepage here
  • K&L Wine Merchants  – K&L decided to do a raffle to benefit the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund, Redwood Empire Food Bank Sonoma County Fire Relief and the Redwood Credit Union Fire Relief Fund. At only $10 per ticket you have the chance to help the process and win some collectible bottles!
  • American Red Cross – donate directly to the Red Cross
  • Safeway & stores owned by The Albertsons Companies will match donations up to $500,000 in their California and Northern Nevada stores – more information here



Praying for everyone affected by this awful fire!

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  • Grandma B.
    October 13, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    You are an absolute angel, Rachel. Sharing this information for helping is extremely thoughtful and so in need. I can only imagine trying to get a breath of fresh air. We experienced some of that in our area with fires burning all around us – from Canada, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Thank you for caring and sharing!