National Rosé Day!

National Rosé Day

How appropriate that this nationally celebrated day is on a weekend for us to enjoy! But what is Rosé and why has it become so popular?

Wine Folly Rose

Infographic from Wine Folly

How does Rosé get its color?

The skins from red wine grapes are left in contact with the juice for a few hours until the desired “pinkness” has been achieved. Many think of it as a wine that starts being made like a red wine but then finished like a white wine.

What type of grapes are used to make Rosé?

Pretty much any type of grape is used to create this variety of wine. Some of the most common (but definitely NOT limited to) are Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Merlot, Sangiovese & Pinot Noir

Dry vs Sweet?

White Zin has given Rosé a bad name for quite some time but these days many wine makers are trying to get rosé away from that stereotype. I have a hard time deciphering this one so I usually look Wine Folly’s handy guide to help me make a decision if a wine is going to be on the drier or sweeter side. A Guide to Styles of Rosé Wine 

Should you drink an old or new Rosé and should it be room temp or cold?

Rosé is actually really nice to drink when it is still young so don’t shy away from this! Everyone’s opinions of how they want the temperature of their wine differs but many would say Rosé is better consumed when it is cooler.

What types of food does it pair well with?

Everything. Not an exaggeration. This wine is known as a “food wine” because its flavor ranges are complementary to everything from all types of cheeses, shellfish, cured meats, white meat, vegetables and herbaceous notes.  Play around with recipes to see what your pallet pairs Rosé with the best. Cheese boards, ribs, paella, chicken etc.

What am I drinking for National Rosé Day?

Great question! I have three bottles chilling to decide on…Tank Garage Winery’s 2015 “Stars like Ours” Rosé, Bedrock Wine Co. 2016 “Ode to Lulu” Rosé, & Ehlers 2016 Sylviane Rosé

National Rose Day

Here are some other questions about Rosé answered by my favorite people at Flatiron Wines: Flatiron’s Rose FAQs: our simple guide to the best pink wines

More importantly, what you are drinking for National Rosé Day?

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