National Wine Day 2017

Happy National Wine Day!!

Cheers to National Wine Day!

In honor of National Wine Day (even though I think everyday should be National Wine Day), I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite wines (just in time for MDW!) ranging from deals to splurges. On top of this, I have included my favorite wine books, accessories, and tools that I use frequently when it comes to the world of wine. Wine can be a big intimidating world with the various varieties but my goal is to start making it much more approachable. By no means am I an expert but I do have a passion for this grape juice as well as the history and stories you can learn!

Rows of Vines

Whenever I am home in Seattle, my passion for wine grows, thanks to the extensive wine collection my dad has. A few weeks ago, while home, he let us choose an old Bordeaux to try with dinner; we ended up choosing a 1971 Chateau La Mission Haut Brion. While the wine clearly had some years on it, it was still a stunning ruby color and had a wonderfully strong bite to it, something I wasn’t expecting from a 46-year-old wine. It’s moments, tastes and sips like this that make the world of wine so exciting for me. Enjoy some of my favorites and let me know what you think! 

1971 Bordeaux

| Go-To Wines |

Top Wines Under $29

  1. Charles & Charles | Washington $11.30
  2. Orin Swift Rose | Napa Valley $19
  3. Jax Winery Y3 Chardonnay | Calistoga $21
  4. Groth Sauvignon Blanc | Napa Valley $20
  5. Terra Valentine Blanc de Noir | Spring Mountain $25
  6. Miner Tempranillo | Napa Valley $28
  7. Vietti Nebbiolo | Langhe – $27

Top Wines Under $50

  1. Terra Valentine Amore | Spring Mountain – $50
  2. Mark Ryan The Dissident | Washington – $38
  3. Ehlers Rose | Napa Valley – $36
  4. Hartwell Estate Sauv Blanc | Napa Valley $30
  5. Cakebread Chardonnay | Napa Valley $37
  6. Efeste Final Final | Washington $30

Top Wines under $100

  1. Antinori Tignanello | Tuscany – $83
  2. Tank Winery The Heavy | Calistoga – $65
  3. Col Solare | Washington $75
  4. Hartwell Estate Cabernet | Napa Valley $85
  5. DARE by Viader Cabernet Franc | Napa Valley $70
  6. Keenan Mernet | Spring Mountain $98

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| Wine Books |

  1. 24 Hour Wine Expert: I just received this little book for my birthday and I love it! Its the perfect pocket wine guide! 
  2. Wine Folly: This is my go-to wine book. It is written so anyone can understand it, appreciate it and learn something! Must have for a wine library! 
  3. World Atlas of Wine: I have yet to buy this one but it’s on my list. A friend recommended it and said it was like “Winy Folly on crack” – so basically I need this. 
  4. The History of Wine in 100 Bottles: This is also on my “to buy” list – I have browsed through it and love seeing bottles that have helped shape the wine industry as we know it! 
  5. Secrets of the Sommeliers: This is an awesome book since it gives you a view through a somm’s eyes and what they are thinking – love this! 

| Wine Shows |

  1. Somm & Somm: Into the Bottle – Netflix
  2. Sour Grapes – Netflix
  3. Red Obsession – Amazon Prime
  4. A Year in Burgundy – Amazon Prime
  5. Bottle Shock – Amazon Prime

| Wine Accessories & Tools |

  1. Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator | Vinturi $19.00
  2. Riedel Cabernet Decanter | Riedel $41.00
  3. Red Wine Glasses | Crate & Barrel $6.95
  4. White Wine Glasses | Crate & Barrel $6.95
  5. Wine Skin Sleeve | WineSkin (price varies)

*this post does contain some affiliate links – all opinions are my own! 


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