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Overlooked Hometown Beauty

I have been lucky enough to call Seattle home for my entire life. Like every hometown, there are things you get used to and don’t give a second thought to when walking by. A few days ago (when it wasn’t raining, go figure) I was able to capture some beautiful shots of this city at night. The skyline, with the Space Needle always adding an extra dimension from any angle you look, is exceptionally beautiful viewed from Kerry Park on Queen Anne as well as from Gasworks Park.
skyline KP small

waterfront gasworks small

gasworks small

sunset small


Downtown, by Pike Place Market, the Great Wheel turns and turns from early morning to late evening with tourists shuffling in and out all over the pier.  At night, the wheel lights up in different neon patterns, not fully seen until dusk, creating a welcome glow for the ferries as they return from Bremerton and Bainbridge Island.  The market itself at night is completely deserted except for the few workers who tirelessly pressure wash, pick up and clean the whole shopping area, getting ready for the next morning rush of tourists. Seattle during the day, especially when it is sunny, is one of the most beautiful cities, but as I’ve found of recent, when night rolls around, a whole new beauty emerges, making me appreciate and fall in love with this city even more.


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