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Return to Italy


In four short months, I will be returning to Italy, not only for a little time away but also for a birthday celebration. It has always been one of my bucket list items to go to the Carnivale in Venice during February. Being able to wander around through the twists and turns of cobbled streets, the reflections in the murky canals and the Venetians (and tourists alike) donned in traditional costumes and masks for the Carnivale, is one of my favorite fantasies. This year, the Carnivale falls on my birthday so we decided it was the perfect excuse to finally go. Venice has always been a place that has fascinated me. This will be my third time and I have found that each time I have left, it is the city I end up taking the most photographs in and missing the most. Maybe its something so enchanting and medieval about having streets without cars, water that rises to knee level and then just disappears throughout the year or just the stories you hear from the locals about how Venice used to be and how it has transformed into the Venice of today. With my excitement building, I couldn’t help but to go through some of the photographs from my past trips and share them with you. I wanted to highlight each city, so up first is Venice.

Have any favorite Italy or Venice experiences? Tell me about them!

See you in 120 days Italy!













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  • Seattleite who loves to travel, eat and drink!
    October 8, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    I want to go now!!! GREAT post!