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Urban Jungle: Flora Grubb

Last fall, I had the pleasure of going to an event and met an amazing lady named Johanna Silver who is the author of The Bold Dry Garden. Obviously, I felt the need to go up and ask her about how the hell I should be taking care of my fiddle leaf fig tree. She told me I needed to go to Flora Grubb and buy an Audrey tree instead, that they are easier to take care of and I basically can’t kill it. (Score!!)

Fast forward a few months and I decided to drag my loving boyfriend to Flora Grubb. Located just south of the Dogpatch in an industrial part of town, I was surprised that some “unreal nursery” was located here. From the moment I stepped into the parking lot, something totally consumed me and it is honestly one of my favorite places in the city. Lush, approachable, perfectly designed and an in-house Ritual Coffee stand all make this nursery more of an urban jungle sanctuary. Needless to say, I made Zach stay with me and walk around for close to an hour and a half (love you babe!)

About a month after my first visit, I was randomly scrolling online and found a post called “Urban Jungle Plant Nursery – near Norwich” and Flora Grubb immediately came to mind. I have told a million people about how incredible this place is and decided I needed to share it with all of you! If you are in the Bay Area and need some plants, a place to feel inspired or just some coffee in a great off the path setting, PLEASE head to Flora Grubb! Enjoy 🙂


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  • Stu
    April 22, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    This place rocks

    • Wine Dine Wander
      April 26, 2017 at 1:32 pm

      Love it here – we need to get you here to get you some greenery!!